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flow recovering control freaks Jan 09, 2023

How to stop pushing to get things done in life

How to use your will in service of your soul

The other day I was telling my friends about why I'm so fired up for my business this year. 

I shared that I found myself creating business plans and even revenue forecasts! Before now,...

thought work Nov 17, 2022

It's not just your thoughts

There’s a teaching in self-help that says thoughts arise in response to your circumstances, which then in turn inform your emotions, actions, and outcomes.

The idea is that if you simply change your thoughts, your outcomes will change.


business of coaching Aug 19, 2022

5 things to do when you hit a business dip

Every business experiences ebbs and flows, and coaching businesses (no matter what the gurus say) are no different. 

Here are 5 things I do when I hit a dip to stop the freak-out and get back into alignment. 

1. Stop Hustling
I just...

business of coaching Aug 19, 2022

How to flow through the ebbs

As an experienced coach, I know that my business is going to ebb and flow. But knowing that doesn't save me from the feelings that come up during the ebb. 

When my business ebbs like it did this summer, I usually freak out a little. (Or a...

the mosaic Jul 23, 2022

How Do You Measure Your Success?

I have a women's coaching group that I've been facilitating for a few years now and sometimes I jump into our group chat for a quick focus group to see if my ideas/messaging are on track.

I asked them if they resonate with being recovering...

living purposefully second act your next act Jul 16, 2022

Your Next Act

Your whole life—even when you were little—you’ve felt like there’s something about you that is uniquely you. From time to time you've felt that part shine through, but it’s always been elusive. 


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