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Go from midlife crisis to clarity with The Mosaic Framework

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Reinvent Yourself at Midlife: Go From Crisis to Clarity With The Mosaic Framework


You’re at a point in your life — and are ahem, of a certain age — where you’ve checked the boxes: you’ve climbed the ladder, raised the kids, cared for others, been the supportive partner, or whatever other...

The Post-Career Pivot: How to Make Your Next Act the Best One Yet


Not Ready for the Porch Rocker

You're at midlife+, staring at a future that looks nothing like what your parents and grandparents experienced at your age. 

You're living longer and most likely better, so as you hit your 50s and...

What if being wayward is the way?

We’ve all bought into this idea that if we just do the right things at the right time in a linear fashion, success will follow. So when we follow the rules and do the things and “success” doesn’t happen, we think...