I help good people figure out what's next. 

It's always been about connection
for me...

For much of my life, I felt this strange, existential loneliness.
I could fit in, but I didn’t fit.

There was always a part of me that yearned to fully live. To be deeply connected to my essence, my soul.


That ‘soft animal’ within me wanted a life infused with meaning.

To live in better harmony with people and nature.
To fully express myself.
To not take life so goddamn seriously all the time.

Work as a spiritual journey.

I view work as a spiritual practice: my mission is to help you infuse your working life with vision and meaning and to see the bumps you'll inevitably encounter along the way as an invitation into your own growth and healing.

I know how it feels to not know

I spent a lot of time feeling like I was stumble-bumbling around from one job to the next. I could only keep moving forward into the unknown because that felt slightly less panic-inducing than the idea of continuing to do what I was doing.

I deeply know that feeling of being called, but not knowing where the hell you're supposed to go or how to figure it out. 

Of course, my pain of not knowing became my greatest asset as a coach: helping my clients find clarity. Notice I did not say certainty. 

I believe that meaning matters, and that we all have a unique life purpose we’re here to express. I believe that a deep life is more fulfilling than a big life.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental place where my clients can lay their burdens down and sort their shit out so they can move forward with clarity and enthusiasm.

I had 'everything' but it still felt like something was missing.

I’ve been a CEO and CMO to multi-million dollar corporations, built my own business (twice!), turned other businesses around, developed two top-tier life coaching programs and trained thousands of coaches, advised public figures and high-level CEOs, worked for over 20 years in digital marketing, navigated working for horrible bosses, managed amazing teams, and cried in the bathroom at work on more than one occasion.

I had all the socially-valued attainment, but I was still stressed and unhappy. It seemed like there was always something missing from the choices I made, my purpose still felt elusive. Then I would castigate myself for being ungrateful for what I had already accomplished.

Feeling defeated, I gave up on knowing. I figured being clear about one’s purpose was the province of other people. (Now I know that if we knew our purpose a nanosecond before we’re ready, we’d greet it with a hearty HELL NO.)

Finding what pings.

By giving up, I’d unwittingly surrendered trying to control my path. This had the unintended effect of shifting my attention from trying to predict a vague and unknowable future, into my present. And as I turned my attention to my present, I became an accidental student of my life. I started noticing what was capturing my attention. I could always tell something was noteworthy because it came with a little energetic ping that felt like a little shot of Oooh, or Whoa, or What!?!

I explored without attachment (somewhat), I tried new things with an experimental mindset (mostly). I was shocked and pleasantly surprised as the drip, drip, drip of pings became a deluge and started adding up in my brain in new and unanticipated ways. I looked back over my life and could see how I had been following my passions and inclinations all along. 

An unexpected byproduct of this surrender was that I started to relax and enjoy the ride. And, the Mosaic Life Purpose Framework was born. 

(Pictured: My children, Mr. Beverly Richard Wiggins, "Mister" for short, and KikiDee Lorraine.)

"Coming into wholeness is not an additive process, it's a subtractive one."

The real 'about me'

Taurus sun/Sag moon/Leo rising, dog mom, music fan, irreverent & reverent, recovering control freak, love: a good cosmic joke, new vistas, good food, and sleep. 

I'm not about

The hustle, gurus, dogma,  self-flagellation, oppression. 

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