Are You In A Dysfunctional Relationship With Your Business?

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Are You In A Dysfunctional Relationship With Your Business?


Years ago, one of my mentors, Hiro Boga, taught me that my business is an entity separate from me and that I'm in a relationship with it. 


She explained that if I listened and nurtured it, my business would nudge me toward the best path to success. 

For a long time, I treated my business transactionally: I gave it service offerings, sales pages, emails and social posts, and dammit, it better give me the platform growth, clients, and money I wanted. Tit for tat, and you bet I was keeping score. 

I wasn’t fully committed to my business and always had one foot out the door. I’d think, “If this launch doesn’t work, I’m leaving you and getting a job.” And listen to it? No way. Hiro’s words about being in relationship were lost in the fog of the slog. 

After questioning whether I should be in business or not for the thousandth time, I remembered Hiro’s words and committed to my business. 


I let go of my shoulds about the success or failure of any singular activity and instead devoted myself to building a sustainable business over time.

 On a practical level, this freed up a lot more bandwidth to be creative because I wasn’t wasting energy ruminating (as much 😅) over “failures” or waffling about being in business. 


As I shifted from a transactional to a relational approach, my business told me some things.

It told me that I needed to spend less time launching stuff and more time hanging out with people in various ways because that’s nourishing for me and good for business. I listened, and right away new opportunities opened up. It was honestly a little wild how fast things shifted. It was a case of things going slowly, then happening all at once. 

The very best thing that happened was I fell in love. I truly love my clients. I adore this work that I am so lucky and privileged to get to do. And I love, love, love this business that I’ve been in a relationship with for 17 years. 

Through it all, my business has been steadfast, shooing me in the right direction all along. 

All I needed to do was commit and listen. 


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