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Finding your purpose is like making a mosiac

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How Do You Measure Your Success? the mosaic Jul 23, 2022

I have a women's coaching group that I've been facilitating for a few years now and sometimes I jump into our group chat for a quick focus group to see if my ideas/messaging are on track.

I asked them if they resonate with being recovering...

Your Next Act living purposefully second act your next act Jul 16, 2022

Your whole life—even when you were little—you’ve felt like there’s something about you that is uniquely you. From time to time you've felt that part shine through, but it’s always been elusive. 


Your Life is Like a Mosaic: A Conversation on the Lead Like A Woman Podcast podcast interview the mosaic Jul 07, 2022

I recently enjoyed joining Andrea Heuston on the Lead Like A Woman podcast to discuss the power of living a purpose-filled life. If you're a woman feeling stuck or facing challenges at work, this episode is especially relevant to you.

Tune in here...

The Components of Transformation: Dropping Keys Podcast Interview living purposefully Jul 02, 2022

I had the pleasure of having a deep and wide-ranging discussion with Joel Morgan, host of the Dropping Keys podcast. I've heard from lots of folks (thank you for the feedback and love!) about how this interview touched them and gave them much to...

Experimentation & The Art of Gathering Intelligence the mosaic Jun 20, 2022

An excellent way to gather Intelligence about your purpose, what’s next, or any of life’s big questions, is to experiment.

We’ve lost our ability to dabble, to try, to play around with an idea.

We can become paralyzed by...

Can You Enjoy Your Downtime? living purposefully self-care Jun 08, 2022

So, can you enjoy your downtime?

If your first response was, “What downtime?” scootch a little closer, friend.

Downtime is natural. We need to rest. We need to regroup. We need to pause and consider before running willy-nilly into the...