What if being wayward is the way?

We’ve all bought into this idea that if we just do the right things at the right time in a linear fashion, success will follow. So when we follow the rules and do the things and “success” doesn’t happen, we think we’ve done it wrong and that it needs to be fixed. That we need to be fixed. 

What if being wayward is the way? 


1 : following one's own capricious, wanton, or depraved inclinations
2 : following no clear principle or law 

There is no destination, only the path. Devote yourself to the path, rather than to any perceived milestone along the way.

Let the process be the result.

Stay alert and curious, receive everything as feedback that’s informing your way. 

Let your way be nonlinear and fluid.

Surrender and trust.

Trust that your meandering is giving you the strength and conviction you need for your own becoming. 

This is the essence of being a Mosaic maker, walking the unconventional path. Realizing that Life is always directing us away from our preconceived notions toward our true way.


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