the mosaic

How Do You Measure Your Success?

I have a women's coaching group that I've been facilitating for a few years now and sometimes I jump into our group chat for a quick focus group to see if my ideas/messaging are on track.

I asked them if they resonate with being recovering overachievers and/or closet nonconformists. (Because these are my people. 😍)

I got a lot of hearty "hell yeahs," but one woman shared that she felt like an underachiever.

Let me tell you, friends, this incredible woman is definitely not an underachiever.

But I get why she thinks that.

We're all bombarded with conventional definitions of success that are all about career or financial attainment.

We tend to measure ourselves by those limited metrics of 'success' and inevitably find ourselves lacking. (Because how can we ever know when we're enough?)

We know that's not right, but we stay stuck in that system because we don't know another way.

Let's stop trying to stuff our sweet souls into the box of success and let our true selves unfurl.

Let's embrace a less linear approach to life and find more flow and joy.


This is exactly what my Mosaic method does: it gives you the precise tools you need to create the life that fits your soul.

Because we never got the instruction book for how to live an unconventional life, I teach you specific practices for getting unstuck and moving forward in a new way, so you can pull together all the things that light you up into a life that is joyful and meaningful.

If you'd like to make your very own Mosaic, check out my Live on Purpose Now course. In it, I teach you all the Mosaic-making tools you need to navigate life the Mosaic-makers way. If you've been circling around your purpose for what seems like forever, I encourage you to take a peek.

I help people get clarity and create momentum in their lives. Whether it's their work-life, relationships, life stage, or building their business, people usually come to me because they're at a crossroads and are unsure how to proceed.

If you're reading this and leaning in, let's chat.

Just grab me for a free 30-minute consult. No pressure, promise.