living purposefully

For the recovering high-achievers...

This is for the recovering high-achievers and the good kids who have tried so hard. This is for the black sheep, secret dilettantes, meanderers, and closet creatives. This is for people facing their third act of life: you’ve climbed the ladder, raised the kids, done for others.

> You’ve done the hustle and grind only to get ground down.

> You channeled your ambition and worked your way up, only to discover you had no desire to belong to the boy’s club.

> If you never hear the word “deliverable” again, you’ll die happy.

> You’ve sat in endless meaningless meetings and wondered, Is this all there is?

> You’re tired of seeing a sea of white male faces around the boardroom table.

> Monetary goals have never motivated you. (Even though you played that game very well, until your soul got tired.)

Now is your time.

You’ve aged out of the bullshit messages the world handed you about who you should be. You yearn to express yourself and share your gifts, even though you’re not entirely sure what they are. You crave meaning.

You want to find your power, and then use it for good.

> You want to use your head and your heart.

> You want to do it your way, not be told what to do and how to do it.

> You know that living from the heart is a net positive benefit to the world, whatever you decide to do.

> You don’t believe bigger is necessarily better. You just want to create something good. Something you can be proud of. Something that helps people and makes you feel good about yourself. Something that’s a reflection of your soul.

Words like generosity, kindness, compassion, co-creation, community, and care resonate for you.

You’re not looking for the brand of enlightenment that promises a brand new car if you just wish hard enough or if you turn away from the suffering in the world and meditate on a bench for a year.

You’re down with the grit, getting into your body, communing with the earth, nature, and the stars, you’re willing to let it get a little messy (even if that scares you a bit). You feel deeply and have a lot of love to give. You’re a seeker, but there’s no way in hell you’re giving up your sovereignty to some guru.

This work is for you.

May clarity arise from your confusion. May sweet simplicity arise from your delicious complexity. May you feel a sense of playful joy and enthusiasm. May you know in your soul that there’s nothing wrong with you and nothing that needs to be added for you to be perfectly suited to carry out your purpose.

This work doesn’t help you find yourself, it helps you realize you were never lost.


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