5 things to do when you hit a business dip

business of coaching

Every business experiences ebbs and flows, and coaching businesses (no matter what the gurus say) are no different. 

Here are 5 things I do when I hit a dip to stop the freak-out and get back into alignment. 

1. Stop Hustling
I just can’t hustle anymore. When I push hard and my mind spews out a thousand new business ideas, it just doesn’t work. (Believe me, I test this assumption often! ๐Ÿ˜)

2. Recenter
This should be #1, but if I’m being honest, my mind always goes to the hustle first. Then, once my mind runs ragged and I have a good cry, I remember to ground myself. I comfort that young part of me that had to hustle to survive. And when I settle, I can again access my higher self.

3. Get Support
I remember I don’t have to do this alone. I lean on my people and ethereal powers-that-be. For me, reaching out to others who are grounded when I am not is vital for my mental and emotional health. I reconnect with faith, knowing that the wheel always turns.

4. Slow Down and Observe
When I’m in my higher self, I become curious about what’s going on. I work on the material plane by reviewing my marketing activities, my offerings, and what’s happening in society. I access my intuition and feel into my soul and the soul of my business. Am I being prodded to make changes or stay the course?

5. Move from Your Soul
When I get centered and access my inner guidance, I'm usually reminded that I've been operating too much from my mind and not enough from my heart. The universe is forever reminding me that if I want to live a soulful life, I have to actually follow my soul. 

When I hit a dip, there's inevitably something beyond my business that needs my focus. The sooner I can come back to myself and remember that the more I enjoy the ride. 

I help people get clarity and create momentum in their lives. Whether it's their work-life, relationships, life stage, or building their business, people usually come to me because they're at a crossroads and are unsure how to proceed.

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