living purposefully

Becoming the person that...

In our output-obsessed culture, we measure by the end result: the book, the title, the money, the attainment. 

The bigger task, the daunting task, the deeply spiritual task, is becoming the person that does the thing. 

The becoming is the massive under-the-surface part of the iceberg tip of achievement. 

To do something transformational, you must transform. 

We discount, deny, or worse, bypass the becoming and then savage ourselves when we can’t accomplish what we’re yearning to do. 

But we’re measuring ourselves by the wrong stick. 

We’re hinging our worth on that tiny bit of outcome and missing all that we’re doing to become:

> Healing childhood wounds so that we can expand beyond our child-self who kept us small and safe. 

> Creating space for ourselves by setting boundaries and dialing down the codependency. 

> Grieving old hurts and mistreatments so that we can uncurl from that ball around our pain and shine. 

> Spending time healing our bodies and resting to regenerate our spirit and creative fire. 

> Igniting our creativity and sense of joy by adopting an attitude of experimentation rather than making every move a life and death decision. 

The time we spend caring for others, establishing our home, and tending to other matters that take our personal energy are not distractions from the achievement, they are integral to your becoming. 

Letting go of trying to figure everything out and package it up neatly and instead, sinking into the delicious, messy finger painting that is your life. 

We are human and we don’t get through this life unscathed. Your soul’s call to live more purposefully is really a call to your own healing. 

To answer that call, you must become the person your soul already knows you are.


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