A Manifesto for Full-On Living

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A Manifesto for Full-On Living

Hello, you.

This is your invitation to live life full-on. 

It's messy, but so good.

Living life fully means expanding your emotional range—if you want the peak experiences, you’ve got to learn to hang in through the valleys. It’s less trying hard, more rolling with Life. It’s knowing that everyone feels as screwy on the inside as you do. Full-on living means departing the constraints of culture, and bushwhacking your way into the life you were put here to live. 

Here’s what I know: 

You are not broken. 

There is nothing wrong with you. It doesn’t always feel that way, I know. Your spirit is alive within you, vital and whole. It’s hanging out with your innate sense of wonder and innocence. Unwind your patterns, and your wildness emerges. 

Wholeness is not an additive process,
it’s subtractive. 

Underneath the traumas and cultural constraints lies your authentic self. You don’t need to add to who you are to be whole, to be connected, to be the fullest expression of yourself. You are not a problem that needs to be solved, you are a living, breathing, mystery unfolding. 

Self-care is an attitude, not an activity. 

This is not about bubble baths or pedicures (although I’m partial to both). This is about getting serious about giving up that nasty self-hatred habit. You can’t beat yourself into submission--your inner child can’t bear it. Kindness and compassion are the gateways to your soul. 

You are your own best guru.

The thing you’re searching for is your own loving presence. We are all connected, you are not alone, and Life is conspiring in your favor. The world needs all of us to wake the hell up to our own humanity. 

Come out.

Be who you are. It’s tricky because we don’t get much instruction on how to do that. You are not too much. Be bold or quiet, let your freak flag fly, or perhaps just a tasteful banner. The world needs your gifts, don’t hold back on us.


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