Beyond Having It All: Finding Gold in Your Limitations

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In Western culture, we're taught that we can have it all if we just put our minds to it and try our hardest. We're also taught that if we fall short, we're failures. Nonsense. We are finite human beings with finite skills and abilities. We can only do so much. Ergo, ipso, facto, we can't have it all. I hope that brings you a measure of relief. When you really think about it, having it all is exhausting. 

Because being a limited human being is generally defined as negative by the culture, we shy away from examining our limitations. Instead of being interested in them and exploring how running into our limitations informs our purpose, we push them away and keep trying to be the thing we're not, only harder. Instead of meeting our limitations with curiosity, we feel shame. 

In my Mosaic work, we take a deep breath, pull up our big-kid pants, and turn toward those places where we tried hard and fell short, and yes, even the places where we felt like we failed. 


Because those hard places contain Mosaic gold. 

Your limitations are clearly telling you "not here, not this." They're asking you to invent another way, to travel another path, to change it up. Your limitations slam the doors to the places, people, and things that don't nourish you. Your limitations are begging you to align with your gifts and talents, rather than continuing to try harder to do and be in ways that you just can't. 

There is a way that’s perfect for you, that makes you shine, that allows you to use all of the brilliance that is imbued within you. Your limitations are pointing the way, you only need to look in the opposite direction.

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