Grit and Devotion

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Forging the path to your purpose requires you to leave the paved road of comfort, culture, and the way everybody else is doing it. You will have to invent something that’s never been done before, something that’s uniquely you. Whether it’s your take on art, writing, loving, business, service, or something for which we don’t yet have a word; it’s going to be uncomfortable and daunting.

It takes grit.

I used to pray for ease.
Now I pray for courage.

If you wait until you feel comfortable to do your thing, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

If grit is one side of the purpose-creating equation, devotion is the other.

Grit is what keeps you going when you want to run.

But grit without devotion is just a grind.

Devotion is the wellspring of meaning that fuels your journey. It’s the heart and spirit of your enterprise.

Grit with devotion is what gives a mother the superpower to lift a car off her trapped child. 

Grit sits your ass in the chair, devotion keeps it there.
Grit starts your book, devotion finishes it.
Grit gets you out of bed before the sun to meditate, devotion takes you into the present moment.
Grit is sitting down to have the hard conversation, devotion is loving each other through it.
Grit puts down that drink, devotion to your life keeps you sober.
Grit is the courage to put yourself out there, devotion is why you bother.

Grit, devotion
Grit, devotion
Grit, devotion

The dance of divine purpose.


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