Next Lab Begins March 2022

I can't wait to run the Mosiac Life Purpose Lab again. I hope you'll join us, it's always fun and profound. 

~ Bridgette

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Mosaic Life Purpose Lab

An 8-Week LIVE Online Course designed to bring you clarity of purpose right now and joyful anticipation for what's next










You've always known you have a life purpose,
but it's always felt just beyond your awareness...


You repeatedly ask yourself the big questions like, "Why am I here?" and, "What should I do next?" Yet the answers remain infuriatingly vague.


Perhaps you've felt...

  • You're randomly ping-ponging from one interest to the next, never sure how it all adds up.
  • Afraid you'll never get to do what you're really here to do.
  • You were on the right track, only to lose all momentum.  (And worried it'll never come back.)
  • Time is passing you by and you won't figure it out. (It isn't. And you will.)
  • The fire of something burning within you, but when you try to grab onto it, it moves away from you like some cruel leprechaun of fate snatching your pot of gold.


I've been there.

I'm here to tell you that...
  • The ping-ponging is actually you finding your way.
  • Your seemingly-random experiences and interests do make senseif you know how to make sense of them.
  • You can live your purpose. It's right there in front of you if you're attuned to it.

Enter the Mosaic Life Purpose Lab

I use the word lab intentionally: This will be your space to gather the pieces of your life purpose Mosaic, go deeper by conducting experiments, and develop clear and do-able next steps.

You'll cultivate the art of noticing, understand the themes and throughlines of your life, gain clarity, and most importantly, learn to trust yourself and claim the truth of who you are.

Hi, I'm Bridgette Boudreau

Master life coach and creator of the Mosaic purpose-finding framework. The Mosiac was born out of my own frustrations. I always felt called to something and was tortured by not being able to figure out what the hell it was.

Using the Mosaic framework and my 12-plus years of coaching experience, I help people depart the beaten-down paths of conventional living and bushwhack their way into the life that’s meant for them. More importantly—I’ve been through it, and feel confident guiding others through the dark to arrive blinking into the blazing sunlight of their own shiny being.

"I've been working with Bridgette for the past year. I contacted her because I knew I was playing small and not achieving my potential, but was clueless as to what was holding me back. I knew I had so much more to contribute to the medical field but had zero clarity on what that was. Bridgette was able to skillfully direct me to the answer right in front of me which helped me clarify the direction of my business. I am now launching my dream into reality! I am deeply grateful for this life-changing experience, absolutely one of the best decisions I have made, not only for my life but for my career." 

            Robin Stebbins, R.N.

"After working with the Mosaic over time it's cool to see how it continues to offer insights and how it evolves as different pieces take turns coming into focus. Working with it has strengthened my own sense of inner knowing as well as awareness of how that knowing shows up for me."

Linda Jackson

As a result of working with the Mosaic you will:

Finally have clarity.

You'll chart a new life course by gathering the pieces of your Mosaic and conducting carefully-designed experiments to show you the way.

Play with the Field.

Actively play with the field of possibility to get more info about your purpose. Don't be surprised when it begins to play with you.

Shift & move forward.

It's not your fear or your "story" that's been holding you back, it's that you haven't known how to pursue your purpose in an aligned way. Things become less binary and more possible.

Trust yourself.

You'll be deeply tuned into your inner knowing, using all of your senses, along with your intuition and practical life experience to navigate your path.

Break all the rules.

Drop the external cultural rules that you've been trying — and failing — to live by and exchange them for your own natural rhythm.

Enjoy the ride.

Experience the fulfillment of moving forward and being on purpose right now, no waiting. You'll ground in self-love, creativity and possibility. 

Let's do this!

The Mosaic work is practical and spiritual. The goal is to go deep and be real-world actionable. Together we'll outline do-able next steps that meet your present-day needs and move you deeper into your purpose.

Ian Jin Yap

"I LOVE HER. Bridgette is very wise, perceptive, and most of all, very cool to work with. She's an honest, loving, and inspiring coach who really does give a damn about you. WORK WITH HER!

Eve Eaton

“Thank YOU for the Mosaic process. More than anything, I felt so proud for valuing myself enough to take this time for ME. I really liked how the Mosaic process was laid out and getting all of my various ideas on paper was super helpful. The session was fantastic at shifting my energy and opening my eyes to new possibilities.

Questions about the Lab? Email Bridgette

The Course Modules

The Mosaic Life Purpose Lab

Dates: TBA

Time: TBA

The Mosaic Life Purpose Lab Includes:

  • 8 Class Modules 
  • 3 LIVE Group Coaching Calls and Q&As 
  • Mosaic Missions (HW exercises & purpose experiments)
  • A Private FB Community where I'll be actively supporting you
  • PDFs, Worksheets, Journal Prompts, Loom Videos, and more!

Jan Spragge

Just... Wow. I'm finding this experience of excavating to find and gently bring myself forward with you and your Mosaic - the language, ideas, and processes (along with our mosaic gang) to be one of utter devastation and euphoria. Yes, these authentic parts of me have always been shining and guiding me and inherent in how I move from deep within. Yet, to have enough space to find these valuable parts and brush the dust off of them is transformational in the best way possible. Thank you.

Still not sure or have questions? 

Contact me and let's chat. 

Email Bridgette

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  • You climbed the ladder only to feel burned out and empty.
  • Raised your family and now it's your time — but you don't know what to do.
  • You crave a meaningful life. One where you wake up each day knowing that in some small way, you've met a net positive contribution to the world.
  • You want to stop measuring yourself by someone else's productivity yardstick and define success on your own terms.
  • You want this all so badly you can taste it, but you're not sure how to make it happen.




Cover art and several images created by the fabulous Rae Serafina Barker.

The Modules

         The Course Modules

  • Class 1: Intro to the Mosaic & Gathering the Pieces
  • Class 2: Limitations & Cultural Constraints - the Border of Your Mosaic
  • Class 3: Your Purpose Guides & Making Your Mosaic
  • Class 4: Live Coaching Call
  • Class 5: The Experimentation Phase
  • Class 6: When Your Shit Comes Up
  • Class 7: Live Coaching Call
  • Class 8: The Coalescing of Your Mosaic (and purpose!)


Class 1

Intro to the Mosaic and Gathering the Pieces

Class 2

The Border of Your Mosaic: Limitations & Cultural Constraints

Class 3

Your Purpose Guide & Making Your Mosaic

Class 4

Live Coaching Call and

Class 5

The Experimentation Phase

Class 6

When Your Shit Comes Up

Class 7

Live Coaching Call and Q&A

Class 8

The Coalescing of Your Mosaic