The Mosaic Life Purpose miniLab

Do you feel disconnected from your purpose? Perhaps you can feel your purpose alive inside you, but you can't figure out what the hell it is. So aggravating.

Or maybe you’re feeling so burned out and overwhelmed with… looks around and gestures… everything, that feeling inspired feels impossible.

All you know is that something needs to change — you yearn for something to change.

I’ve got you.

Join me, Bridgette Boudreau, master life coach and creator of the Mosaic Life Purpose Framework, for a free miniLab where we’ll delve into your purpose by asking the right questions that open you up to possibility, creativity, and even deeper self-love — and it'll give you a huge jump forward.

The Mosaic miniLab is a taster of my Mosaic Life Purpose Framework. An amuse-bouche of finding your purpose, if you will. In addition to me teaching you a new approach to living purposefully, you’ll also see me working with a few folks in what I like to call The Hot Seat of Love™, which really brings the teachings to life. 

In this audio teaching/coaching session, I'll teach you:

  • The one purpose-related question people always ask that trips them up, and the question to ask instead.
  • How to make the shift from looking externally for your purpose, to turning inward.
  • How to avoid narrowing your focus too soon. (Which only gets you more of what you already have.)
  • Why living more purposefully is an act of personal transformation.
  • How our cultural focus on achievement blocks living more purposefully.
  • And, a cool little exercise that will help you get more insight about your purpose in a surprising way.

This audio session is quick, fun, and profound. You’ll receive a 30-minute audio session + worksheet that will give you a new and different perspective on your life journey, and help you kick those blahs to the curb.


Back-of-the-Napkin Biz Planning

Wed, Jan 18, 2023 | 12 - 1:15 pm PT | FREE

Solopreneurs — if business planning makes you break out in hives, this Coaching Salon is for you.

I rebelled against business planning for many years. After all, I was a free-wheeling solopreneur! I didn't need some stinkin' structure from the man to tell me what to do! 

Guess what? Turns out I am the man and without some loving, simple structure, my over-achieving hustle drive kicks in and I try to do way too much, and then spin and fail.   

That's why I created a planning method that supports but doesn't oppress you: the Back-of-the-Napkin Biz Plan.

The Back-of-the-Napkin Biz Plan is about doing less, well.

It's about making conscious, doable choices about what you're going to do. And what you're not going to do. 

This is a simple, easy-to-understand way to look at your business that will ensure you're covering all the bases without overdoing.

During the call, I'll go over how to work with the Plan and coach folks around what comes up. Then, we'll do a working sesh where I'll answer questions as we work on our plans.

You'll leave with a solid start on your business plan, and more importantly, with a clearer sense of how to plan for your business and have fun doing it. Your soul will thank you.  

The Coaching Salon is about coming together in community to learn about ourselves, grow, and move through life in a more aligned way. We can accomplish so much more together than we can alone, so please, come join us and fill up your cup. 

The Details: 
💫 A 75-minute zoom call. The replay will be distributed to all registrants

💫 During the call, I'll spot-coach as many folks as I can to help you move past any business planning blocks 

💫 You'll receive my Back-of-the-Napkin Biz Planning worksheet

💫 No pushing, overdoing, or hustle necessary to create a business plan that sets you up to thrive in 2023

Watch the replay of this Coaching Salon and sign up below to be notified of next month's Salon!  


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Hi, I'm Bridgette Boudreau...

I'm a coach, mentor, and creator of the Mosaic Life Map. I've been a C-level executive, built businesses, turned others around, and advise public figures and CEOs. I've navigated working for horrible bosses, managed amazing teams, and cried in the bathroom at work on more than one occasion. All of these experiences informed my Mosaic Life Map, along with my frustration at not being able to connect with my own sense of purpose.

My coaching style is like the love child of Bob Ross and Mary Poppins: I'm going to love and encourage the hell out of you to do it your way, and you're going to get it done.