The Mosaic Life Purpose miniLab

Do you feel disconnected from your purpose? Perhaps you can feel your purpose alive inside you, but you can't figure out what the hell it is. So aggravating.

Or maybe you’re feeling so burned out and overwhelmed with… looks around and gestures… everything, that feeling inspired feels impossible.

All you know is that something needs to change — you yearn for something to change.

I’ve got you.

Join me, Bridgette Boudreau, master life coach and creator of the Mosaic Life Purpose Framework, for a free miniLab where we’ll delve into your purpose by asking the right questions that open you up to possibility, creativity, and even deeper self-love — and it'll give you a huge jump forward.

The Mosaic miniLab is a taster of my Mosaic Life Purpose Framework. An amuse-bouche of finding your purpose, if you will. In addition to me teaching you a new approach to living purposefully, you’ll also see me working with a few folks in what I like to call The Hot Seat of Love™, which really brings the teachings to life. 

In this audio teaching/coaching session, I'll teach you:

  • The one purpose-related question people always ask that trips them up, and the question to ask instead.
  • How to make the shift from looking externally for your purpose, to turning inward.
  • How to avoid narrowing your focus too soon. (Which only gets you more of what you already have.)
  • Why living more purposefully is an act of personal transformation.
  • How our cultural focus on achievement blocks living more purposefully.
  • And, a cool little exercise that will help you get more insight about your purpose in a surprising way.

This audio session is quick, fun, and profound. You’ll receive a 30-minute audio session + worksheet that will give you a new and different perspective on your life journey, and help you kick those blahs to the curb.


Coaching Salon:¬†Beyond the¬†Algo¬†‚ÄĒ Sustainable¬†Marketing That Works

03/05/24 | 9 - 10 am PT | FREE

Are you so tired of building your business on the social media hamster wheel? I know I am. I've been looking for a way off the wheel ‚ÄĒ or at least a way to be less¬†dependent on¬†it ‚ÄĒ for a couple of years now. I'm onto something and want to share what I'm finding with you.¬†

I talk with a lot of coaches and service providers and we're all feeling similar pain. 

The pain: 

  • Social media isn't working like it used to: It¬†used to be pretty straightforward: post, your followers would see your post along with¬†some of their followers, and if you repeated consistently, you saw growth. Then slowly, weird things started happening, and we started¬†serving The Algorithm: the algo likes it when you add a selfie to your post, but don't post a link because the algo doesn't like that. Want to¬†get in front of your followers? You're gonna have to pay for that.¬†
  • Then you're told to keep trying the same thing, but harder:¬†You sense the terrain is changing but¬†you're not sure what to do, but the Coach-fluencers who are hugely invested in the algo-game tell you to keep flinging content¬†out there. You do, hoping¬†this time it'll stick.¬†
  • But you¬†can't¬†keep all the plates spinning:¬†You're spending so much time "being consistent" on social media that you don't have time to do what you really want to do ‚ÄĒ¬†run your coaching biz and show up for your clients. And, you're secretly worried you're failing because you don't get the kind of response you used to, or if you're newer to the algo-game, you never saw much response.
  • The truth is, the social game is rigged:¬†You're not failing.¬†The social media system is¬†rigged to keep us all on the content creation hamster wheel, which benefits their businesses, not ours.

There is a way forward that's more sustainable for you and more effective for attracting your people. 

  • The new way is not a single method or trick, it's a different approach that's about creating intentional "evergreen" content that brings your people to you over and over versus the¬†"one and done" nature of social media content.¬†
  • It's about understanding your marketing ecosystem and being strategic about where you put your time and energy, so you can get results without wiping yourself out.¬†
  • It's a little bit of what's old is new again: revisiting some tried-and-true strategies from a new perspective.¬†

I've invited content marketing expert Jana Osofsky to come and talk with us about these methods that have grabbed my attention. Jana and I will talk about how you can create a sustainable content strategy that feeds your business and doesn't deplete you. We'll also answer your questions so you can get a tangible sense of how this stuff works. 

Here's a little about Jana:

Jana O. is a marketing expert and content strategist for coaches, service providers, and other online experts.¬†She's¬†the creator of High-leverage Content. HLC is the system and course for creating the content you need to build trust and demand for your offers ‚ÄĒ and convert your audience to clients.

Coaching Salons are about learning and exploring in community, so if you'd like a dose of connection, please join us! Jana and I are excited to share what we know and as always, you'll leave with tangible ideas for how to move forward.

The Details: 
ūüíę This one-hour free Zoom call¬†took place on Tuesday, March 5. But you haven't missed a thing! Sign up below and I'll shoot you the replay.¬†



Sign up here¬†ūüĎá

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