The Mosaic Life Purpose miniLab

Do you feel disconnected from your purpose? Perhaps you can feel your purpose alive inside you, but you can't figure out what the hell it is. So aggravating.

Or maybe you’re feeling so burned out and overwhelmed with… looks around and gestures… everything, that feeling inspired feels impossible.

All you know is that something needs to change — you yearn for something to change.

I’ve got you.

Join me, Bridgette Boudreau, master life coach and creator of the Mosaic Life Purpose Framework, for a free miniLab where we’ll delve into your purpose by asking the right questions that open you up to possibility, creativity, and even deeper self-love — and it'll give you a huge jump forward.

The Mosaic miniLab is a taster of my Mosaic Life Purpose Framework. An amuse-bouche of finding your purpose, if you will. In addition to me teaching you a new approach to living purposefully, you’ll also see me working with a few folks in what I like to call The Hot Seat of Love™, which really brings the teachings to life. 

In this audio teaching/coaching session, I'll teach you:

  • The one purpose-related question people always ask that trips them up, and the question to ask instead.
  • How to make the shift from looking externally for your purpose, to turning inward.
  • How to avoid narrowing your focus too soon. (Which only gets you more of what you already have.)
  • Why living more purposefully is an act of personal transformation.
  • How our cultural focus on achievement blocks living more purposefully.
  • And, a cool little exercise that will help you get more insight about your purpose in a surprising way.

This audio session is quick, fun, and profound. You’ll receive a 30-minute audio session + worksheet that will give you a new and different perspective on your life journey, and help you kick those blahs to the curb.


Coaching Salon: ChatGPT for Coaches

Thu, June 1, 2023 | 12 - 1 pm PT | FREE

In this Coaching Salon, we're going to bow to our new AI robot overlords. Jokes! I know the topic of AI is totally loaded and even scary, but that fear could be standing between you and the biggest innovation to come our way since the internet itself. 

This Coaching Salon is all about demystifying AI, specifically ChatGPT and similar chatbots. I've invited my friend and AI expert, Catherine Adams, to help me show you how to harness the power of ChatGPT for your business. 

The best way to ensure AI develops in the ways we want is to engage with it.

Here's what you'll learn: 

  • What ChatGPT can and can't do (and how that's changing all the time)
  • How to write prompts so you get what you want
  • Lots of examples of things you can do that will make a material difference for your business

After Catherine and I met to plan this call, I pasted in the transcript and asked ChatGPT to summarize what we'll cover with participants: 

1. Leverage your content: Provide a topic or prompt to ChatGPT and ask it to generate a draft blog or social media post. Or paste in content you've already created and have ChatGPT remix it for other uses.

2. Brainstorm new coaching ideas: Engage in a conversation with ChatGPT to explore different coaching angles, gain fresh perspectives, and overcome creative blocks. Coaches can use this process to generate innovative coaching ideas.

3. Develop client exercise prompts: Collaborate with ChatGPT to create prompts for client exercises or journaling activities. Coaches can provide a basic prompt and work with ChatGPT to refine and tailor it to their coaching objectives.

4. Create custom visual aids: Utilize AI-powered image creation tools like Mid Journey to generate customized cartoon images or visual aids that complement coaching content. 

5. Design course outlines: Demonstrate how ChatGPT can assist in creating course outlines and lesson plans. Coaches can provide high-level instructions or topic descriptions and let ChatGPT expand and organize the course material.

6. Automate repetitive tasks: Illustrate how ChatGPT can automate certain repetitive tasks for coaches such as writing session summaries, podcast show notes, course lesson overviews, etc...

The Details: 
💫 One-hour Zoom call, the recording will be distributed to all registrants.

💫 We'll talk a little bit about ChatGPT and how to work it, but we want to spend most of the time showing you what it can do and answering your questions, so bring anything you want to toss into the mix! 



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Hi, I'm Bridgette Boudreau...

Master life coach and creator of the Mosaic Life Map. The Mosaic was born out of my own frustrations with figuring out what I wanted and how to navigate life in an aligned way. 

Using the Mosaic framework and my 15 years of coaching at the highest level, I help people depart the beaten-down paths of conventional living and bushwhack their way into the life that’s meant for them. More importantly—I’ve been through it, and feel confident guiding others through the dark to arrive blinking into the blazing sunlight of their own shiny being.