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Speaking topics and expertise:

1. Pivoting at midlife+: How to get out of your rut and blaze your own trail using my Mosaic Life Mapping Framework.

Vitally You with Dana Frost: A Framework for Your Third Act with Bridgette Boudreau, Creator of The Mosaic Path

Dropping Keys with Joel Morgan: The Components of Transformation

🔶 The journey begins with some form of "getting taken down to the studs." In my case, this was leaving a toxic work situation, but it can be any other event that seriously shakes you up such as being fired, relationship upheaval, a health issue, death of a loved one, or entering a new life stage.
🔶 Healing begins with the development of self-compassion. For me, that was about building myself up to a point where I could face and unwind my need to be a "good girl." I didn't know it then, but being good was a cage I'd built that kept me from growing. I had to learn to love my imperfect self before I could loosen my grip on my unhelpful patterns.

Lead Like a Woman with Andrea Heuston: Practical Magic

Bridgette’s advice to women who feel stuck and don’t know what resonates with them

Self Belief School with Sas Petherick

“It’s not your fault if you paid a bunch of money to a super coach and they didn’t give you the basic consideration that you should get as a customer… It is never okay for somebody to be mean to you, to be cruel to you, to lie to you, to make an example out of you, or to gaslight you.”
“We project our light onto these people. We think they know The Things and they have The Right Way and all that stuff. And that’s you. You can trust yourself.”

Everyday Enchantment with Stacey Andon: The Space Where the Soul Emerges

Listen in as Master Coach Bridgette Boudreau and I chat about how to find your way back to your life purpose. The best part? It's easier than you think with Bridgette's Mosaic Life Purpose Framework. She offers a place for you to start today which not only focuses on the real-life steps, but also how to create space for your soul to emerge (sounds amazing -- and it is!). Get a dose of practical magic (and of course enchantment) in this episode.  

2. The shadow side of coaching: Speaking out about problematic issues within the coaching community and how to be "one of the good ones" and avoid giving the bad ones your hard-earned money.

Coaching Confidential Podcast: Resisting the Pull of Cult-like Coaching Culture

3.Conscious Business

Work Alchemy with Ursula Jorch

Conscious business executive and executive coach Bridgette Boudreau joins us to talk about her unique career journey. 

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Bridgette Boudreau is a Master-Certified Coach and Business Consultant with a passion for helping people at midlife+ figure out what's next, small-scale entrepreneurship, and mentoring other coaches. Bridgette's coaching philosophy is rooted in compassion and finding one's intrinsic motivation versus pushing or hustling. She acts as a strategic thought partner, providing a safe and supportive environment for her clients to grow. With over 16 years of coaching experience, she has developed the Mosaic Life Mapping Framework to help people create a fulfilling next act on their terms.
Bridgette’s coaching style is like the love child of Bob Ross and Mary Poppins: She's going to love and encourage the hell out of you to do it your way, and you're going to get it done.
Bridgette lives in Seattle with her partner Stephanie and their dog-son Mister Beverly Wiggins. Learn more about her offerings at https://www.bridgetteboudreau.com/.

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