Coaching for people 
who give a damn

Mentorship, executive coaching, and business advising that's practical, soulful, and highly effective. 

Coaching for people 
who give a damn

Mentorship, executive coaching, and business advising that's practical, soulful, and highly effective. 

You’re likely here because you’re at a crossroads....

You’ve accomplished a lot in life but are now hungry to do something that has less to do with success in the traditional sense and more to do with something deeper, something needed.


You’re tired of feeling scattered, following what have felt like dead ends, never finding a way to make sense of all your disparate interests.


You see yourself as reasonably smart and conscious, but you keep smacking into walls around what you want to do, how to go about it, and most insidiously, its worth.


You’re asking yourself the fundamental question: “What is this life about for me?” Your current situation feels unfulfilling, and the way forward is blurry.


I help people like you find the clarity they've been craving. 


Hi, I'm Bridgette.


My cover story: As a master-certified life coach for over 15 years, I’ve personally helped thousands of people create more meaningful lives. I have an acute understanding of how to avoid the common pitfalls that stop people from living in a truly aligned way.

The real story: I am a practical magician. 

I'm like the love child of Bob Ross and Mary Poppins: I'm going to love and encourage the hell out of you to do it your way, and we're also going to get it done⁠—spit-spot.

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This is your invitation to 


 life full-on

Full-on living means departing the constraints of culture and bushwhacking your way into the life you were put here to live.

I'm an ace bushwhacker. When you work with me, we zero in on the places in your life that aren't working, and we dust off your hopes and dreams. Then we concoct experiments and figure your way forward, together. Because we're not meant to do this stuff alone. 

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At its most essential, I help people build good lives. I do that via one-on-one work, small groups, online courses, and retreats.

Everything I do is designed to help you dissolve unsupportive patterns and learn a new way of navigating life.

You have everything you need within you, but like that pesky junk drawer, sometimes it just gets a little messy and confusing in there. 

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The Mosaic Life Purpose Framework

Understanding your purpose is less like a burning bush — where your purpose arrives fully formed, like a flaming message from the Big Guy himself — and more like creating a Mosaic.

When you’re creating your life purpose Mosaic, you’re keeping your eye out for the beautiful pieces. You know which pieces fit because they have that certain ping...

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"My favorite thing about Bridgette is her realness."

Bridgette does not hold herself above others as some sort of infallible sage. She is always open about things she’s learned the hard way which I have so much respect for. One of my patterns was to keep my mistakes under wraps lest someone believe me to be imperfect. By simply being her sometimes messy self, Bridgette has shown me that you can be smart, highly capable, driven but also compassionate, hilarious and completely imperfect and that’s okay.


Or maybe you're not sure you're ready... but you want to be. Don't let some idea of what it means to be "ready" stop you from scheduling a free introductory chat.

We'll meet for a half-hour, I'll hear a little about what's going on for you, and then I'll talk a little about how I'd approach helping you. 

We both decide if it feels good to move forward together. I will never pressure you. 

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Sep 29, 2023



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