The Groove Kitchen

A 3-month mentoring group for coaches, seekers, solopreneurs, and recovering hard drivers. Focus on what matters and take aligned action — your way 

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Find your groove. 


How do you find your unique way of moving through the world? 

You begin with an intention. Your intention is like shooting a flaming arrow into the darkness. As your arrow of desire arcs forward, flashes of your path illuminate. But the way is far from clear. Your intention focuses your attention and gets you moving into the unknown. 

Moving forward is not about doggedly trudging toward a specific outcome. It's about committing to a path and letting the way emerge. 

Inevitably, your stuff will come up. This is where it helps to have a guide and supportive community to help you through the tough parts. 

If you're craving a space where you can focus on what matters to you and take action in a way that feeds you and doesn't deplete you, I'd love for you to join us in The Groove Kitchen.  

After all, the best part of the party happens in the kitchen. 

Is the Kitchen for you? 


  • You're a (recovering) high-achiever. You know that you don't have to do things the hard way anymore, but sometimes you still fall into the habit because you're not sure what else to do.
  • You don't always trust yourself and it helps to have someone to work things out with so you can get clear.
  • Sometimes you feel scattered and unsure of what to do next because there are so many variables and options to consider.
  • You know you can totally overthink things and get derailed by obstacles.
  • You abuse your ‘Get it done’ energy by doing everything except what really matters.
  • You're afraid to commit for fear you'll make the wrong choice.
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As a result of your time in the Kitchen, you will...


  • Reconnect with your confidence, clarity, and creativity.
  • Feel alive with energy and momentum, like you're on the right path.
  • Spend your days exploring and getting better at things you love and ideas that interest you, rather than working on getting better at things that are a struggle for you.
  • Express yourself fully and trust yourself deeply. 
  • Experience massive movement forward, feeling energized rather than depleted.

Hi, I'm Bridgette.


Moving forward feels so delicious when you're in the groove. It feels like you're in communion with Life itself: magic abounds. 

And then, we get mired in the muck. Because muck is part of life and sometimes we need help. I'm here to help. 

I'll bring everything I’ve learned from all of my experience as a coach, businessperson, and seeker to help you attune to what lights you up and give you practical tools for getting from here to there.

I've been building safe communities and running groups for over 15 years. Safety, belonging, creativity, realness, laughter, and right action are my watchwords. 

What's cookin' in the Kitchen...

The Groove Kitchen is a 3-month, small group coaching program, limited to 10 participants.

There's no set curriculum (this isn't about filling your brain with more info). I customize my coaching to what comes up in the group.

You'll bring your intentions and what you'd like to focus on I'll bring all of my coaching skills plus my Mosaic Life Mapping Framework to help you move forward, without hustling or burning yourself out.

  • Seven group zoom calls where everyone gets a chance for some 1:1 attention from me in the group setting. I make sure the nuggets of wisdom unearthed are useful for you and the entire group.
  • A Human Design Reading Jen Trulson will prepare a personalized human design reading to give you insight into how you best take aligned action. She'll join us on our second call for a lively discussion.
  • A 60-minute private coaching session with me where you can dive into anything you want. 
  • Optional GK Buddy check-ins: If you like, you’ll be paired up with another Groove Kitchen member to provide additional peer support for each other.

  • A simple, private community outside of FB where we'll keep the momentum going by checking in each week. I'll provide additional coaching and food for thought here.

"If you want clarity about your life's purpose without feeling pressured or feeling behind, join Bridgette. All of sudden, you are getting your act together and working toward a life aligned with who you genuinely are. You are alive!!"

Gea Souge

"Bridgette brings a grounded, nurturing presence. As someone who has a hard time allowing, (ahem, recovering perfectionist and people pleaser over here), she fosters this space of acceptance and calm. Bridgette offers this gift of where I feel there is nothing I need to 'fix', I am invited to be with all of who I am, just as I am. And that is where emergence can happen."

Criss Turner

We groove again Summer, 2023. 

3 Monthly Payments of


7 Live Calls

We'll meet seven times on Wednesdays from 12 - 1:30 PT: 
2/15, 3/1, 3/15, 3/29, 4/12, 4/26, 5/10

1:1 Session

A private session with me where we'll delve more deeply into what's up for you. 


A safe, engaged, and lively community to use as a sounding board and to cheer you along.

Custom Human Design Reading PDF

Take aligned action more consciously and learn helpful tools for getting unstuck.