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~ Bridgette

You’ve got all the ingredients for living a life that matters but where do you begin?


Grab your apron and a whisk. It’s time to whip up something rich, delicious, and meaningful in the Groove Kitchen*.

Let’s get together and create meaningful, aligned action. The Groove Kitchen is an immersive, small-group mentorship circle for taking consistent steps towards a purposeful life.

*Metaphors are optional. Saucy flour on your cheek is not.


You've devoted yourself to living a life that matters, but it can be really hard to get from where you are now to where you want to be.  

It's easy to get stuck staring at the empty bowl of possibility, with all the ingredients for a delicious life lined up on the counter, wondering how all your interests, talents, and passions will blend together into that signature recipe.



You may be constantly asking yourself:  

  • How do I mix all these disparate — but wholly essential ingredients of my most fulfilling life?
  • How do I figure out if I'll actually like this new life direction before I commit to big risks?
  • What steps should I take now, and where should I begin?
  • Does this idea or path even make sense for what I want to cook up in my life?
  • Why does taking steps on my own feel hard or heavy?
  • Where can I get the consistent support and community to make big changes?


Contrary to what you’ve been told, you are not made to forge this path alone! Having a guide — dare I say “Head Chef” — who gets you + a community of like-minded folks cheering you on and supporting you growth can provide the structure and support you need as, all in a loving container that's your soft place to land.

Hi, I'm Bridgette Boudreau

I'm the creator of the Mosaic Life Purpose-Mapping Process.

As a master-certified life coach for over 14 years, I’ve personally helped hundreds of people create more meaningful lives. I have an acute understanding of how to avoid the common pitfalls that stop people from living in a truly aligned way.

The Mosaic arose out of my work with clients and my own yearning, suffering, successes, and ping-ponging path I took to land in my own purpose-filled life — on my terms. I mash up the best of what I’ve learned from all of my experiences (especially what I learned from my own failures and limitations) to create this method for attuning people to what lights them up, speaks to their soul, and gives them the practical tools for getting from here to there.

You've got the pieces—or in this case, ingredients— of your life purpose Mosaic. Now it's time to get your sweet booty into The Groove Kitchen: A mentorship circle for taking aligned action.

The Groove Kitchen is our space to experiment and move forward, together.


Whether you're stepping into a new vocation (or stepping out of an old one), thinking about starting a new business or offering a service, making a big life move, putting yourself out there for love, or investigating any other purposeful pursuit, the Groove Kitchen is for you. 
(You don't need to have done prior Mosaic work with me to be a fit for this group.)

The way we learn when we're on the right path is by starting down the path with our curiosity in overdrive and our self-judgment dialed way down. In my Mosaic Life Purpose Mapping parlance, I call this The Experimentation Phase.

We've lost the art of simply trying things out. We set up false dichotomies of 'should I or shouldn't I' and then we freeze, unable to decide because we’ve made the stakes too damn high. 

Our indecisiveness and need for perfection are a trap. The way out of this trap is to move, to try, to throw that pasta against the wall and see if it sticks.

Because movement creates clarity. 

But figuring out how to create movement can be tough because doing anything new requires you to think differently and to move out of your comfort zone. That's why it helps to have an experienced guide to provide new perspectives, insight, and support as you go.


The goal of the Groove Kitchen is to support you in staying focused on what matters while giving you total room to explore, do, and be in your way. We'll have a structure that supports you but doesn't oppress you. (The aim of the Kitchen is to help you get crystal clear on your groove.)


Here’s what you can expect during our time together:


  • We’ll identify what’s cookin’ in your Kitchen: We’ll review your ingredient lists, what recipes you want to experiment with, and how you’ll know if you’ve cooked up something delicious or where you might need to tweak your recipe.
  • We’ll begin developing your internal support scaffolding & setting up your experiments: You’ve got to have the internal support in place so that you don’t fold like a bad souffle when an experiment doesn’t go well. Once we knock that out, you’ll get started experimenting.
  • We’ll learn how to taste test in order to interpret experiment results: It’s easy to have the wrong takeaway from your experiment (i.e. something not going perfectly means you suck) so we’ll talk about how to extract the goodness no matter what happened and infuse that into your next go-round.
  • When your sh$t comes up, I'll teach you some tools that will allow you to develop your own brand of resiliency that will support and guide you as you navigate the unknown.
  • We’ll discuss how to bring in divine guidance in order to expand your capacity to create
  • Because we’re a small group, expect us to improvise...
  • While the Mosaic Life Purpose Lab is about discovering your purpose and shifting your inner-orientation — the Groove Kitchen is about stepping toward your purpose with action. 



What Exactly Does the Kitchen Entail?

(1) 90 minute private jumpstart session:  After filling out a thorough pre-work document, you and I will jump on a zoom call and dive into you. Together, we’ll lay the groundwork for the next 6 months. 

(4) 30-minute private booster sessions:  Use these sessions with me anytime to dig deep and focus on you. You can use these during our six months, or grab me up to a year after the Kitchen.

(12) 6 months of twice-monthly, 90-minute group zoom group sessions:  We'll convene as a group to help you keep up the momentum and take those big steps. Featuring the Hot Seat of Love: where everyone gets a chance for some 1:1 attention from me in the group setting. I make sure the nuggets of wisdom unearthed are useful for you and the entire group. 

(1) Access to my Mosaic Life Purpose Lab self-study course. Whether you’re new or a seasoned Mosaic veteran, there’s always something new to be gleaned from my core Mosaic teachings.


But wait! There's more. 


Optional Experiment Buddy check-ins: If you like, you’ll be paired up with another Groove Kitchen member to provide additional peer support for each other.

A private Facebook group where I’ll actively post and respond to your questions/comments.

The Private Groove Kitchen Podcast! I'm particularly excited about this one! You'll never miss a thing from our calls as I'll be taking all the best bits and making them into private podcast just for our group that you can listen to on the go.


Limited to 12 people. 


Live Group Call Dates: 


The Groove Kitchen

6 Month Mentorship Circle

  • 90 minute, private jumpstart coaching call
  • Group coaching community, 2x monthly for 6 months
  • Four private booster coaching calls
  • Access to the Mosaic Life Purpose Lab, eight module course
  • Optional Experimental Buddy Check-ins
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Private Groove Kitchen Podcast

As a result of your time in the Groove Kitchen, you will: 

Experience massive movement forward toward living more purposefully.

Have hands-on, active support from me. I’ll bring all of my experience as a master coach, businessperson, marketer, and person who’s been through it to the table. All with a big dollop of woo-woo, lots of laughs, and a soupçon of my special brand of spice to top it off. 

Gain confidence and trust in yourself as you start cookin’ with gas.

Feel like you're living on purpose now, no waiting.

Have a supportive, engaged, and lively community to use as a sounding board and to cheer you along.

See what it's like to stop hustling and striving and instead work with your own natural rhythm.

If you want clarity about your life's purpose without feeling pressured or feeling behind, join Bridgette. She has real wisdom to share from a great variety of life experiences. In a “magic” way, she inspires you to collect pieces (ideas, words, pictures) that touch you deeply, helps you experiment and grow ideas. With Bridgette’s amazing suggestions you feel so motivated to see your life really as a mosaic that continues to evolve. And then (all of sudden) you are getting your act together and work on a life that is aligned with who you genuinely are. You are alive!!

Gea S


Renée Ballard

Bridgette is a rock-solid, stripes-earned woman who has one foot in the ether and one on the ground, and comfortably oscillates between the two spaces. She helped me by embracing my strengths — not suggesting I sticky-tape other tools onto me —which aren't my natural state. Bridgette saw me, got to know me, and rather than just nodding along and giving me a pop culture sound bite, she gave me practical advice that actually worked for me.

Ian Jin Yap

I LOVE HER. Bridgette is very wise, perceptive, and most of all, very cool to work with. She's an honest, loving, and inspiring coach who really does give a damn about you. WORK WITH HER!






Jan Spragge

Just... Wow. I'm finding this experience of excavating to find and gently bring myself forward with you and your Mosaic language, ideas, and processes (along with our mosaic gang) to be one of utter devastation and euphoria. Yes, those authentic parts of me have always been shining and guiding me and inherent in how I move from deep within. To have enough space to find these valuable parts and brush the dust off them is transformational in the best way possible. Thank you.

Just give me the bottom line would ya, Bridgette?

I get it! All you really need to know is that if you’re ready to make some big life moves and you’d like some help getting from here to there, you should get on into the Groove Kitchen.

Let's do this!

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