Client Love 

I LOVE her

Bridgette is very wise, perceptive, and most of all, very cool to work with. She's an honest, loving, and inspiring coach who really does give a damn about you.


Ian Jin Yap

Bridgette has a magical way

...of coaching you without it feeling like coaching. It's like I’m in a really great conversation with a deeply wise, compassionate human that is helping me to peel back the layers and patterns more from a place of curiosity and expansion, instead of a place of fear and contraction.

Bridgette is masterful inviting people into the bigger picture of their lives and giving them a more holistic view of their path. She understands brilliantly how success, failure, and everything in between lends itself to the journey of a life. Whereas other coaches may focus on correcting mindsets or overcoming so-called “blocks”, Bridgette is able to show you the beauty of what is already there and the truth of what you already know about yourself and your purpose. It’s an incredibly empowering foundation to work from.

Bridgette helps you find yourself

She has really fun and creative ways to help you identify the thread of your life's desire. She helped me find me. I now don't feel lost. I feel energized and I can see the journey I'm on as an adventure not a task.

Her Mosaic stuff is gold!

Rachel Fierro & Rio

Feeling the love ❤︎


Gea Souge

If you want clarity about your life's purpose without being pressured or feeling behind, join Bridgette. She has real wisdom to share from a great variety of life experiences. In a “magic” way, she inspires you and helps you experiment with your new ideas. With Bridgette’s amazing suggestions you feel so motivated to see your life really as a mosaic that continues to evolve. And then (all of sudden) you are getting your act together and working on a life that is aligned with who you genuinely are. You are alive!!

Criss Turner

Bridgette brings a grounded, nurturing presence. As someone who has a hard time allowing, (ahem, recovering perfectionist and people pleaser over here), she fosters this space of acceptance and calm. Bridgette offers this gift of where I feel there is nothing I need to 'fix', I am invited to be with all of who I am, just as I am. And that is where emergence can happen.

Paul Hardy

I began working with Bridgette and the Mosaic on the heels of leaving a nonprofit conservation organization I had founded and directed for 18 years. I was burned out and feeling numb and indifferent to the work I once held such passion for. Through the Mosaic process and Bridgette's encouraging, intuitive guidance and prompts, I was reminded that the answers to my questions about how to reconnect with my purpose lie within me, and began to see the beautiful threads of my life path in a new clarity, providing direction and shining a hope-filled light on the next phase of my journey.