The Mosaic Way Learning Community Monthly Membership

Woot! 🥳 I'm excited you're joining us!

The Mosaic Way Learning Community combines high-touch group coaching, comprehensive course content, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.


🎨 Full Unlocked Access to The Mosaic Way Course Curriculum: 
Everything you need to shift into taking a Mosaic Maker's approach to life with the entire 8-module course at your fingertips. Learn practical and soulful strategies to navigate life's complexities and live fully.

💥 Skilled Coaching | Group Coaching Calls:
The group sessions are where it's at! I'll work with everyone to overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and keep you moving forward.

🎯 Group Coworking Calls | Working Sessions:
You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish and how much easier it feels when you’re working along with your compatriots.

🦄 Safe, Engaged, and Fun Community! | Access to the Mosaic Maker’s Clubhouse: Connect with fellow travelers in our off-the-socials community hub. Share insights, seek guidance, and foster meaningful connections in a nurturing environment designed to support your journey.


I stand by the quality of this program. I've tested and vetted every part of the Mosaic with hundreds of satisfied clients. If you don't find the Mosaic to be what you wanted or simply feel complete, you can easily cancel your monthly membership at any time from your account. 

$150.00 USD

Every month

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