Make your next act of life your best act yet.

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You’ve checked all the boxes you were supposed to and it got you this far, but you sacrificed a lot along the way.

You're old enough to know better and still young enough to sink your teeth into something meaningful.

You've worked hard, and now it's your time.

You feel your purpose alive inside of you – like it’s on the tip of your tongue – but every time you try to wrap your mind around it, it flits away.

It feels like there are a thousand possible threads you could follow, only you have no clue how to make sense of it all, much less how to move forward.

Why do some people seem to know exactly who they are and where they’re headed while you feel scattered and confused?

You aren’t alone.

"If you want clarity about your life's purpose without feeling pressured, join Bridgette. She has real wisdom to share and in a 'magic' way, she inspires you to collect pieces of your life that touch you deeply, then helps you to experiment and grow your ideas. And then, all of sudden, you are getting your act together and working on a life that is aligned with who you genuinely are. You are alive!!"


"If you want clarity about your life's purpose without feeling pressured, join Bridgette. She has real wisdom to share and in a 'magic' way, she inspires you to collect pieces of your life that touch you deeply, then helps you to experiment and grow your ideas. And then, all of sudden, you are getting your act together and working on a life that is aligned with who you genuinely are. You are alive!!"


You’ve tried everything you can think of to figure out your way forward:

Approaches like career counseling that focus on practical skills end up feeling boring and flat. Practical approaches don’t speak to your soul, and they only point to opportunities that already exist. What if your purpose is something the world hasn't seen yet? 

Perhaps you’ve tried a more spiritual book, program, or even an intuitive reading that felt evocative and exciting, but they left you unclear as ever about how to actually do something based on what you found.

Then there’s the most demoralizing approach of all: Cold-browsing job postings as if they were some oracle that would reveal the answers you seek. (Oof, so brutal.)

All of this has left you with a lot of interesting acronyms, metaphors, letters & numbers (ENFJ and Enneagram 2 here!) that feel like important pieces, but have left you feeling no closer to the clarity of purpose you seek or what to do next.

While well-intentioned, these approaches don’t work because they don’t take into account the entirety of you.

To truly get at your purpose, you've got to involve all the parts of you — mind, body, heart, and spirit — in a way that helps you make sense of all these disparate-seeming aspects of your life and interests, while also giving clear guidance on how to move forward in an aligned way. 

The thing is, most of the practical and even some of the spiritual approaches are fundamentally conventional and your way forward is not.

So you’re left still feeling confused and uncertain, and out a few bucks to boot. You wonder if it’s your fault because you’re so all over the place or if you’re not committed enough. Or worse, you fear that it’s too late for you to create the life you want. (It's not, you're not, and it is SO not too late!)

"I was burned out, feeling numb and indifferent to the work I once held such passion for. Through the Mosaic process and Bridgette's encouraging, intuitive guidance, I was reminded that the answers to my questions about how to reconnect with my purpose lie within me, and began to see the beautiful threads of my life path with a new clarity, providing direction and shining a hope-filled light on the next phase of my journey."


What you really need is an approach that's soulful and practical.

  1. Imagine that all of those disparate-seeming parts of you form a beautiful Mosaic. Piece by piece, you'll be guided on an exploration of all the facets of you: your strengths, passions, interests, needs, and even your limitations, which give you vital info about what not to do. To get to where your soul wants to go, you first have to know yourself.

  2. While learning to navigate toward your purpose in an aligned way is practical, it’s not conventional. First, you have to throw off the stuff you’ve been taught about achievement, motivation, and success, so you can adopt an attitude of experimentation, learning, and growth.

  3. Then, if you want things to get really wild, you have to learn how to open your awareness so you can receive the important intel Life has for you. 

  4. You’ll need some practical tools for when your sh*t comes up because doing 'purpose work' is incredibly vulnerable and you need support. You’ll learn to see your stuff coming up isn’t getting in the way of your purpose, but is actually an integral part of your path.

  5. You also need a merry band of fellow travelers. Finally, your people. The ones who will help you see your greatest gifts that you take for granted, hold you up when you’re feeling down, and cheer you on as you explore new ways of doing and being.

Hi, I'm Bridgette Boudreau

I've been there.

Orange rule

The Mosaic Path arose out of my own struggles to find my purpose. I’ve overworked, over-worried, and over-tried. I wanted to trust life and go with the flow, but I didn't know how to let go of the reins.

I’ve felt the fear that choosing a path would eliminate other options, and I’ve been wracked with feelings of fear and failure. I’ve been through the dark nights of the soul. I know what it’s like to feel the frustration of knowing you’re here to do something that matters but can’t figure out what the hell it is.

Like you, I read all the books and tried all the things, and The Mosaic Path is my distillation of everything I learned that worked. I’ve thoroughly tested and vetted my Mosaic framework with hundreds of my clients.

I’ve been a Master Certified Coach for over 15 years and have personally helped hundreds of folks reconnect with who they are and why they’re here. As the former CEO of a world-class life coaching program, I’ve trained thousands of coaches on how to do the same.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping others find their way because I struggled so mightily to find my own. 

Here’s what I know: When people throw off the ties that have bound them and connect with what they are here to do, they light up. They heal. They contribute. And that’s a net-positive benefit to the world. That’s why I love being folks’ purpose guide.

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An 8-Week Course with LIVE Coaching/Q&As


As a result of joining us for The Mosaic Path you'll learn:

  • The tools you need to finally make sense of all your interests and life experiences
  • The truth about all the ways perfectionism rears its head and keeps you from taking action.  
  • The relationship between coming home to yourself and loving all of your gorgeous quirks
  • The myth of clarity and what you really need instead
  • The secret to getting unstuck and boldly moving toward the life you want
  • The key to trusting yourself and consistently tuning into your inner knowing to navigate your path
  • The connection between the external cultural rules that you've been trying — and failing — to live by and your own natural rhythm
  • The three elements you need to feel grounded in self-love, creativity, and possibility

Course begins Fall 2023

When you register for The Mosaic Path, here's what you'll receive:

17 Video Lessons Delivered Over 8 Weeks - I'll guide you through weekly videos focused on the concepts, practices, and instructions you need to create your life Mosaic. Each lesson includes a transcript so you can read along, or just read. 

4 Live Q&A/Coaching Zoom Sessions - I'll be hosting 4 bi-weekly live Zoom sessions where I'll help folks get unstuck and take your Mosaic work deeper. Live Zoom sessions take place from 3-4:30 PT on 5/16, 5/30, 6/13, and 6/27. Live sessions will be recorded and replays will be distributed to the group.

Many Mosaic Missions -  Insightful, fun, and doable homework missions that will bring your Mosaic to life. Pick and choose your own adventures, you can't screw it up. 

Access to the Mosaic Path Community - A private, off-Facebook place to get guidance from me, co-work & connect with your fellow Mosaic Makers. Don't miss your chance to make new friends and if you've been around for a while, to reconnect with your folks. 


The Mosaic Path Course Curriculum

By the end of The Mosaic Path, you will have built your unique life Mosaic and gained a renewed sense of clarity, purpose, and momentum. 

"Bridgette is incredibly compassionate and nurturing, she brings her whole self to this work and holds space for me to do the same. Working with Bridgette has taught me how to be kind to myself and to embrace all of me. Bridgette continues to help me uncover my authentic self-expression and live fully!"


Enrollment for Fall '23 opens in June. 

Course Price: $290

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