Your whole life—even when you were little—you’ve felt like there’s something about you that is uniquely you. From time to time you've felt that part shine through, but it’s always been elusive. 

Now you’re at the crossroads of your second act in life. You’ve checked all the responsible boxes, and now it’s your time 

You want to start working toward what you really want to do, but it’s still a mystery.  

That’s not exactly true, you have clues, but they’re this random-seeming pile of stuff. You don’t know how the pieces add up. 

Or maybe you took the leap to do something more aligned, and it hasn’t worked out. (Yet.)

You know you’d like to spend this chapter of life moving forward, exploring, and getting better at things that interest you, rather than striving to improve at things that are a struggle for you. 

You are so done with soul-sucking jobs.

You’d like to shape your days/weeks/months/years into something joyful, intentional, and meaningful to you.

You want to rediscover your magic.

My Mosaic Life Purpose Framework is designed to give you clarity of purpose, bring back the magic into your life, and give you joyful-yet-concrete ways to move forward.  

I’ve thoroughly tested and vetted my Mosaic method with clients and class participants for years now. It works. 

I teach you everything you need to become a Mosaic maker in my course, Live On Purpose Now, No Waiting 

Until this red hot second, the course was self-study. But because I love coaching folks so much, I’ve added a live group coaching component.  

From now through the end of the year, I’ll be hosting monthly live Mosaic Group Coaching Calls. We'll meet via Zoom and I'll work with each of you to get you unstuck, moving forward, and making your Mosaic come to life. 

This is where the magic and learning really happen – through discussion and live coaching with me.  

Would you love to be a part of this community of Mosaic makers?

This group coaching party is come-as-you-are. There's no need to be prepared or "ready." Simply purchase the course and sign up for a live call.  

Then, bring your questions, anything you've done so far that you'd like to share or get feedback on, and mainly, bring yourself.

You can attend live or watch the replay at a time convenient to you.

Ready to get started?

Take your place in the course here!


I help people get clarity and create momentum in their lives. Whether it's their work-life, relationships, life stage, or building their business, people usually come to me because they're at a crossroads and are unsure how to proceed.

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